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100% natural.

We’re talking live, liquid probiotics packed with unaltered beneficial bacteria for complete gut health.

Unlike the limited scope of strains contained in most encapsulated probiotics, the 12 strains and multiple species in Rawbiotics™ mirrors the natural range of microbes found in soils and foods more closely. It’s the combination of these species which make Rawbiotics™ unique, comprehensive, and successful.

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It’s fer’ment to be.

We’re not like the other probiotics.

Fermentation is an age-old practice in human health, but here at Rawbiotics, we do things differently. Unlike most fermented liquid probiotics, our temperature, sugar and pH controls mean we can create a probiotic that lasts for 2 years in the bottle. No fridge... no problem.

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We’re the good bacteria guys.

In the natural world, various bacteria rely on one another for growth, stability, and harmony.

When nature gives you probiotics, don’t let the natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria escape. We don’t freeze-dry, meaning all the good stuff stays put.

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Safe. Convenient. Fast-acting.

For anyone, anywhere, any time.

Rawbiotics can be taken with or without meals, by those big and small - its benefits are all the same.

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