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About us

The Rawbiotics range of probiotic products is manufactured by Efficient Microbes (PTY) Ltd, a private South African company formed in 2006 with the mission of providing natural alternatives to the harsh chemicals and medicines used in our everyday lives.

Efficient Microbes products are based on a groundbreaking microbial technology developed in the USA in 1998. Efficient Microbes imports live, liquid mother-cultures from which all of the various ranges are then produced. In addition to probiotic health products, Efficient Microbes manufactures microbial solutions for home care, pet care, agriculture, livestock health and environmental remediation.

The Rawbiotics range of products was launched in 2017 with the aim of providing fermented, non-freeze-dried probiotics to the human health market. Today, as a result of the vital and tangible benefits provided to hundreds of thousands of South Africans over the past 4 years, Rawbiotics stands as South Africa’s leading liquid probiotic range.

Efficient Microbes also manufactures the Rawbiotics range for export to distribution partners in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the USA.