Fan Reviews

“I have been a sufferer of IBS for more than ten years and was also diagnosed with being allergic to gluten which means I have probably tried every product available on the market claiming to assist with improving gut health and needless to say couldn’t find anything that made a noticeable difference. Until I tried RawBiotics and for the first time in years felt instant relief and experienced on going results. I can with 100% confidence say that this is one of the best products on the market for gut health without a doubt.”
“This will cure anything you got. It works like a charm to heal you within a few hours and also keeps you healthy and energized. Got the Daily as a sample. I struggled with a terrible stomach bug…nothing helped not even antibiotics. Me, my husband and kids drank this and the next day we were fine. UNBELIEVABLE!! THIS SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME IN SA.”
“Excellent. Life Changing. I gave Rawbiotics to a friend who had sciatica totally changed her life, she cannot stop thanking me for recommending this wonderful probiotic. I love taking it every morning to keep my gut regular. I highly recommend it.”
“I have had IBS on and off for 25 years and have tried many things. I tried this product after being given a sample and was very cynical about it. However, I am now hooked on it as within a week my symptoms had gone and have not re-appeared in the three months, I have been using it. It doesn’t taste very nice but for me it is a minor miracle!”
“Best probiotic. Really great product. I find it works so much better than probiotic tablets. Works faster. Always take this if I am on an antibiotic.”
“Daily delight. I continue to be impressed with this product; it’s a great staple and I would really recommend having it as a daily supplement. My eczema prone skin definitely benefits and my stomach, which is always the first affected by anything from stress to a bug feels on top form.”
“My husband and I started taking the Daily Rawbiotics every morning before we ate anything else. And immediately we noticed a difference. We could actually feel all the goodness of the raw probiotic seep into our bodies. As the days went on, we noticed incredible difference in our stomach and overall well-being. My husband had indigestion problems with heart burn and from the time of taking this it has stopped and now my husband simply cannot do without the Rawbiotics. I myself have been having problems with bloating and generally just feeling drained out and tired, but from the start of taking the Rawbiotics, I noticed that the bloating and tiredness has stopped. This is such a good product for general well-being that I am always spreading the good news about the product. I truly believe that if it comes from nature then it’s worth and benefit is endless to the body.”
“I was sent a sample and it came in handy when I had a bad bout of food poisoning. It worked quickly for my bowel movements and digestion as expected and drastically lowered my excessive sugar cravings due to the food poisoning. I would recommend starting slower than stated as introducing it too fast can cause severe side effects like painful cramps and diarrhea. I started at an 1/8th of a teaspoon. It worked so well I proceeded to purchase the 1L bottle which is great value for money for live probiotics. I will continue to use this product to further enhance my health and would greatly recommend it.”
“A brilliant product. My gut was in such a mess I could not eat anything without experiencing acute acid reflux. After a week on Raw Biotics my IBS had disappeared and I was even sleeping better. I find it rather unpleasant to taste but have resorted to taking it with my vitamin C which disguises the taste.”
“I’ve been using probiotics a long time and am an avid brew master of kombucha. I cannot live without the good bacteria. Without it, I have difficulty digesting many things and have a few sensitivities. My homeopath is a complete supplement snob and swears by fridge probiotics only so I wouldn’t even try probiotics that weren’t in the fridge. He was right, they’re not as effective… until now! My tummy has been great! Rawbiotics is the truth! Not only does it have additional nutrients that this breastfeeding mama needs, it’s good on the wallet.”
“A perfect probiotic. This product really enlightened me to the profound importance of gut health and natural bacteria. I feel far more enlivened than before!”
“Worked from day 1. Very good product, it worked from the very first day. The taste is something to get used to, but not too bad. Much better than any other capsule/tablet probiotic I have taken.”
I have tried one bottle , instead of my tablets, and need to say- it works 100% better
I've been on Rawbiotics gut correct for a month now. . and WOW!!! I'm lactose intolerant, and for years I've been taking a number of different probiotics and nothing has helped. But since taking Rawbiotics I've noticed a huge difference in my tummy. I haven't had ice cream for years, and this past weekend I had some ice cream and had NO STOMACH CRAMPS!!!!!!! that's a huge win for me!!!
Honestly best product! I've tried everything, Omez, gaviscon etc etc, I even suffered Anxiety, I'm 4 days in with Rawbiotics Gut, and it's amazing, how well it works, I'm super happy.
Relieves chronic constipation. I suffer from chronic constipation. I have been taking this product every morning on an empty stomach and now I go every day to the lavatory.
I have battled with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) for the past 2 years along with significant blood loss as a result. I would battle to maintain the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood and the body’s iron levels. Since started my journey with Rawbiotics Gut Correct, almost  4 months ago, I have noticed a significant increase in both the Haemoglobin and Ferreitin levels month on month. I can attribute this better results to the anti-inflammatory properties in the Rawbiotics formula resulting in the decrease in flare ups of the disease and significant reduction in the blood loss as a result. My results have improved from a significant deficiency in iron to normal levels.
“Good product. Seems so really make a difference in balancing my kids’ digestive systems.”
“Excellent probiotic. Best on the market, in my opinion.”
“Great for IBS pain. After many procedures and doctors, I was finally diagnosed with IBS, which caused me incredible pain. Even though I’ve tried standard pharmacy probiotics and I’m following a strict diet, I still got occasional pain. Since I started taking this daily, my IBS pain has subsided, even if I eat some of my trigger foods! The taste is almost like kombucha…a bit bitter, but very bearable!”
“Gut corrected! I bought it for my daughter who battles with gut problems and she is so happy with the results. It has eased the intense pain she has at times and now even manages to eat some bread on occasion. Thank you for this wonderful product!”
“This is an amazing product. Just ordered my second 1 litre bottle. The taste is fine, and I try not to miss a day. The shelf life is excellent. My skin is less inflamed. Definitely addressing my inflammation. And I am as regular as clockwork. Excellent product.”
“Finally something that works. I have been battling with my stomach so badly for so long. Especially after the Christmas period. Terrible bloating, cramps and other not so nice IBS symptoms and since taking this product for a week now I feel like a different person. I have honestly tried everything – including the very expensive probiotics that cost over R700 and this has done so much more than any of those others have done.”
“Great stuff. Absolutely love this! Definitely seeing results in terms of bloating and stomach issues, if I skip a day, I feel it!!”
“Great product. I’ve had quite a problem with constipation and irregularity, but this cleared it right up. A 1l bottle lasts about a month which makes it great value for money.”
“I am a person that always suffers with constipation. I tried this product a few days ago when I was really struggling and have noticed a great difference. I would honestly recommend thus product.”
“Best probiotic ever. I’ve been using Rawbiotics GUT for a year now and my IBS is a thing of the past. I take it with me wherever I travel. No more pain!”
“Great vegan product for IBS. Best vegan probiotic by far and I have tried a few. If you struggle with IBS I suggest the Rawbiotics GUT, I can even feel the difference if I accidentally forget to take it in the morning. Really good product.”
“Best probiotic ever. I’ve been using Rawbiotics GUT for a year now and my IBS is a thing of the past. I take it with me wherever I travel. No more pain!”
“Great vegan product for IBS. Best vegan probiotic by far and I have tried a few. If you struggle with IBS I suggest the Rawbiotics GUT, I can even feel the difference if I accidentally forget to take it in the morning. Really good product.”
“Best probiotic! I have used so many probiotics for my IBS in my life, but this product is the only one that made a difference! Love it!!”
“This product is absolutely amazing. If you are having any problems with your gut, this is the solution.”
“Highly effective product! From the first day I noticed a dramatic difference in my digestion and elimination. This is the most effective probiotic I’ve ever used.”
“By far the best probiotic I’ve used with my little one who has tummy issues. Loves the tart taste too so easy to give him. Great for little ones.”
“My children aged 5 and 8 are enjoying the probiotic for kids. They have both suffered with eczema and food intolerance’s but are doing so much better since taking your probiotic every day so thank you!”
“Very impressed by this product. My son suffers from eczema and the probiotics help restore the bacteria in the gut, thereby improving his skin. Good value for money too.”
“Love it. Amazing product that works and is value for money. Seen results in my kids in a few days.”
“A must have. Rawbiotics products are fantastic, I highly recommend this especially for children. My baby has it every day and is super healthy.”
“Highly recommend. Best probiotic which I have found for my child. He has gotten used to the taste and I love that it is a live probiotic.”
“Daily staple. My toddler made it through winter with only minor sniffles after taking this daily. She loves the taste.”
“It’s the best thing for my kid. It really is a general health tonic. Great product.”
“Will buy this for as long as its around. Great, great product. Give to my kids most days. They have been pretty consistently healthy for a long time whereas before, it was weekly colds and flus.”
“Results! My 2-year-old had ongoing diarrhea since starting school in January and this probiotic seems to have helped make things more solid. She’s also managed to keep a mild cold from escalating. We had no problem with the taste. I’m definitely going to try the other products for my husband and I.”
“Best one so far. Both my kids seem to benefit from this. no more runny tummies after school as we often got with my 5-year-old.”
“Fantastic. Since starting this with my almost three-year-old he has not had a single sick day off school. It’s fantastic.”
“Good probiotic. Love giving good quality products to my kids which support their health. I buy this every month.”
“A must have!! Rawbiotics products are fantastic, I highly recommend this especially for children. My baby has it every day and is super healthy.”
Great product. really helps with inflammation in the body.
It is very good. You get better faster when you are ill & taking Rawbiotics. Also good to take, to stay well.
Felt the effect within minutes. Took it with breakfast and felt the effect a few minutes after. Amazed at the difference it made to my day. The tired brain fog pulling me down just evaporated and pushed me to be more productive.
I definitely feel a difference. I use to get bad cramps after dinner especially and after taking this every morning, my digestive system and energy has improved.
Excellent highly recommended for any digestive issues or just for strengthening the immune system.
Feel amazing after using the Rawbiotics Defence liquid. It is perfect for the whole family and what's best is it's all natural ingredients. One major advantage is the bottle size lasts months without diminishing in its potency. It's my foremost favourite to stock up on before heading into Winter.
This product is excellent for general tummy health but even more so after antibiotics and or Covid. I take 20ml every day and my tummy has settled a lot and is very regular.
Had some worries due to extensive travelling and this helped me transition during my travels with ease and less discomfort than usual. I took a bit less than the recommended dosage but that's due to my sensitive system and the product still helped my body transition.
Works great, had a tummy bug and this helped me get back to normal, and I'll keep using it and hope for a better response to illness in the coming winter!
I have seen an improvement in my immune system since I started using Rawbiotics Defence (how often I get sick, and how quickly I recover).
This is a staple. I used to have an ongoing dry cough until I started taking this. I highly recommend this brand.
My Naturopath prescribed this for me to build up my immune system and strengthen my gut bacteria. Works like a charm. My hubby no longer has IBS since we been using this. Read the instructions, do not shake the bottle or stir the ingredients once poured into juice or water, juice or water must be room temperature, not hot or cold from the fridge as this is raw biotics.
Great for keeping regular, and for tackling bloating. I wanted something to help with gut maintenance for long term health and because of the connection between gut biome and mood, but I do enjoy the reduced bloating.
This is an excellent product. would recommend to everyone. Best natural supplement.
Been using it more a little more than a week now , can feel a difference, thank you.
I have been using Rawbiotics for a while, first time using the defence after a long course of antibiotics, it is also wonderful, tastes very good.